Okie Farm pond fishing

From my dads farm pond in Oklahoma. 8 bass, just over 16 lbs.


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Music and Life Lessons

Not long ago I was newly divorced. Having never been divorced and not wanting the divorce, I tried very hard to keep my family unit together. I had a philosophy. “We don’t have to be husband and wife together, but we have to parent together.” Now this seemed like a solid foundation to protect our kids (woman child was 12, and the man wanna be was 15) from long term emotional damage due to the divorce and the break up of our family. I was Sooo wrong about that! That another story in its self!

My kids, like many others their age, spent their early teens by sitting in front of a television, spending hours playing the mind numbing video games “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band”. Their mother told me one day that the kids wanted to learn how to play real guitars instead of fake…

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Tales of my adventures in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, raising animals, raising kids, raising myself!
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